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Zulu Poison (High) THC & Zulu Poison that may destroy Cancer.

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June 17, 2018

The Zulu army suffered anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 killed. The battle was a decisive victory for the Zulus and caused the defeat of the first British invasion of Zululand. The British Army had suffered its worst defeat against an indigenous foe with vastly inferior military technology.



The newest breakthrough in cancer treatment may come from the end of a Zulu spear.

Scientists from Cancer Research and London hospitals found that poison used by Zulu tribesman on the tips of arrows and spears will wipe out 85 percent of human tumors when used with radiation.

“We are excited about these results,” Dr. Barbara Pedley of Cancer Research told the London Sun.

However, she added, “They are mainly human tumors grown in mice.”

The study showed that the poison – derived from the bark of an African willow bush – destroys the tumors, but the cancer returns without the use of radiation.

Pedley explained that the drug, CA4P, “kills most of the tumors, but leaves a rim of cancerous material around the edge.”

“Our trial shows that a combination eradicates that rim as well as giving a complete cure,” she said.

Some terminal patients at one London hospital saw their tumors reduced after using CA4P. But doctors say the treatment, which could be on the market within five years, needs further testing.

“This is very promising, but it’s at a very early stage,” Pedley said.

“It is another step in the fight against cancer.”

Shaka - The King of The Zulu Nation in the 19th century easily defeated the *Boers who tried to ^steal their land, cattle & their woman.

The Zulu’s then defeated the British. This was a momentous event.

The British Empire during this period was the global powerhouse. (Physical) Economic, technological & militarily super power.

Still today to my knowledge no other group or nation have ever controlled such a large portion of the known world. At its peak of power, the British Empire controlled & dominated most of the known world. *Possibly 3 out of 4 humans served the Empire.

This immense power was primarily the result of the industrial revolution in the late 19th century. The date given was around 1789. The British had modern weaponry including machine guns & canon. The British Empire also had Jesus Christ & **Christianity.

All King Shaka had was his small group of followers, armed with wooden spears and his grandmother.

His grandmother was believed by many to have divine esoteric & ancestral power. With her spiritual connection & a gift from her friend Sir #DUrban Poison’ she managed the impossible. It is my personal belief that Shaka’s grandmother managed to summon her ancestral knowledge & separate the #THC from the #CBD. This is a mystery as even today some 200 years later as the mega-wealthy pharmaceutical companies using advanced tech. are only beginning to learn this process.

Let me spell it out. Shaka & his warriors managed to defeat much larger enemies with advanced weaponry as his warriors were given DUban’s Poison (Sativa Cannabis) with almost all of the CBD or active ingredient that sedates removed. In honour of Shaka’s grandmother & my ancestor we bring you

Zulu Poison #ZuluPoison naturally bred and devopled over 35 years to be high in THC with limited amounts of CBD.

Another interesting fact is the grandmother in question lived to a possible age of 113 yrs. Was she testing her own recipe we can only guess.


I am not an orator or historian so please excuse my assumptions regarding exact dates & historic fact. You are welcome to email me & I will gladly make any necessary changes.

*Boer or ‘the Boers’ is Afrikaans, literally translated means a ‘farmer’ or ‘the Farmers’ Afrikaans was a peasant language based primarily on the devolution of the Dutch dialect.

^steal their land, cattle & their woman. In this context steal is not limited to theft of but may include all kinds of abuse & slavery

Religion & Beliefs:

**In my opinion only, those who are not convinced of their religious beliefs force them on others. If I can convert you it makes the dogma more believable.


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December 24, 2018 — Transkei Group