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Cooperative Society: The Next Stage of Human History, Second Edition, Luc and I explore the hypothesis that humans may be on the threshold of a new historical stage, one characterized by cooperation, democracy, the equitable distribution of resources, and a sustainable relationship with nature.

We evaluate a number of ways in which we are moving closer to such a society. The final section of the book focuses on actions we can take as individuals, communities, and countries to increase the likelihood that such a transition will occur in the 21st century.

Some of our positive findings:

We have enough food to feed our species. We are living longer and have better healthcare than ever before. Fewer people are living in extreme poverty. About half of us live in democracies. The level of conflict around the world is near its lowest level in 5,000 years. We have the tools to stabilize our climate if we commit to using them with urgency during the next several decades.

Some of our negative findings:

Extreme economic and political inequality continue unabated. Despite our ability to avoid a climate catastrophe, we are not yet taking adequate steps to do so.

From the book’s Conclusion: “We as a species are not destined to destroy ourselves and our planet. We can make the transition from a destructive and divisive society to one of cooperation. And we can make major progress on that transition between now and 2030.” 

SACEED - The South African Cannabis Economic Empowerment & Development.