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Founding Members are the only legal Durban Poison Agents.
 Durban Poison ZA™ (Official) is a registered brand and soon we believe from documents received and similar cases that the right to use the brand name Durban Poison ZA™ a similar sounding name or brand even if its used for another class of products with a little luck will be Official no only locally but globally that means that no other individual or company can advertise any product or service branded or not intestinally or unintendedly for example Urban Poison sounds like (Durban Poison) he reason I am trying to explain this is simply showing you the value we as members receive. This is over and above all the other benefits. Like KWV developing products the difference is with our members Co-op it is like profiting twice. You may produce CBD Vape for e-cigarettes and you may promote them yourself add them to at least 3 Members websites on any sale only you profit & you pay no commissions or fees! The Co-op., that you and me own could control the entire global market for Durban Poison ZA like Champagne if you have any knowledge about wines only if you produce 4 cultivars (Type of grapes) Blended together in percentages the grapes must be grown in a small town/region in France. The method must be the traditional painstaking or only way by hand with yeast. In other words even id you use the correct strains and the correct method not will it never be as good as real Champagne but you cannot use the name or logo claiming the product is Champagne. It may be a better quality not something common but legally why should I profit from using a mark (Trademark) owned by the French a product that has taken hundreds of years  


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We are not political, nor biased to the best of our understanding. We remain Not for profit, and insist that all our endeavors if social or commercial remain 100% Not for profit. Our only exception viz 'Political' is The DaggaParty, being a genuine Political Party, they have used their influence primarily for the selfless promotion of medical / cannabis. or the benefit of 'previously disadvantaged' persons. This endeavor is what motivated our interest and we continue to serve this sector knowing that taking from        bnnnany assistance cannot limit       

independent and transparent. While we protect and assist all members, we reserve the right to cancel and to seek damages from those members who knowingly act criminally committing illegal or immoral   motivate those who produce proof of wrongdoing and as such will requests or reports that criminal and or strategic corruption,   that we deem   . We are morally stat-ups and previously disadvantaged individuals     to the level of our  we will be reporting in currencies and languages on size, influence and transparency.   

The medical cannabis, cannabis and cannabis related industry, is booming! The (Official) industry index ** Dopedex predicts the value of the industry in the hundred billions.

USD., to keep rising higher! Not to mention biotech and the pharmaceutical industries from manufacturing to end user, already worth over a trillion dollars.

Already we are witnessing a multi-trillion dollar industry. *There is already cause for worry from corruption to low quality products. Unlike a cheap handset, ingesting the medical equivalent may lead to death and poisoning, thus we protect your privacy within the industry; having said this we are not in anyway , if moral      undesirable    leads      Get listed on Weedbudies™ and Medbudies™ (Medicalbudies) inclusively! 

Registering with us is vertically integrated, it is comprehensive and Free. Secure your username absolutely free. Note: We reserve the right to cancel, or block any user that we believe is abusing the system. This includes registering trademarks and or names or marks that do not belong to you or that you do not have the companies mandate authority or In other weeds you cannot afford not to be listed.   Not forgetting 

The *Primary Cannabis Database. Dopedex 'Incorporating  the strategy of low cost and maximum profit for your business Cannabis Index (Database) and Exchange' just another way we show our commitment to promote your interests. After a comprehensive investigation, we believe in order to remain transparent and for your business to benifit   Incorporating the index and  exchange    for your  trading portal and wholesale and affordable cannabis store. 

This will introduce your company to new clients around the globe! Even if you are a sole cultivar in a rural location; stop accepting the local profiteers prices, when you can get 500% more! Just by listing your details on the global cannabis index  if you sell to a international client. 

Included are individuals, sole traders, registered companies, community, non-profit and or educational organizations etc. Click Here Coming soon!


to all its endeavors  and has paid the price   growing  current and a active  We    . Unfortunately no other political   canna-business name / business endeavor, community project.    

Weedbudies™ incorporating Medbudies™ is offering both medical, medical cannabis, pharmaceutical / biotech, and related industries; free inclusion into our public database. (Find all types of products and services in your local,  and global membership.Listings, membership, local and global promotion, Membership 

*There is already cause for worry from corruption to low quality products. Unlike a cheap handset, ingesting the medical equivalent, may lead to death and poisoning, thus we protect your privacy within the industry; having said this we are not in anyway , if moral   

is offering both medical, medical cannabis, the pharmaceutical / Biotech and related industries Free membership; for only $1.99 per month or $10.00 per year paid in advance.

Weedbudies™ incorporating Medbudies™ is offering both medical, medical cannabis, pharmaceutical / biotech, and related industries Free local and global membership.

For only $1.99 per month or $10.00 per annum. Your medical, medical cannabis, pharmaceutical / biotech, and or related businesses shall be listed on our database.

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